Lorain County, Ohio

Zoning Secretary         (Both Boards)

Janine Myers                 440-965-5353

Henrietta Township has two Zoning Boards. Both the boards are appointed by the Board of Trustees and serve five year terms. The only requirement is that the member be 21 years of age and be a resident of the Township. The Boards are independent of the Henrietta Township Board of Trustees and operate with the Lorain County Planning Commission. The Lorain County Prosecutors Office serves as legal counsel for both Zoning Boards.

The Zoning Commission Board sets the zoning requirements for the Township with the guidance of the Lorain County Planning Commission and the Prosecutors Office. The Board of Trustees can request the Zoning Commission look at areas of the Zoning requirements but they cannot mandate changes.

The Zoning Appeals Board looks at situations that our outside the current guidance of the Township  Zoning. They can decide to grant a variance to the zoning requirements.    

Zoning Board of Appeals 

Jeff Schmidt Chairman 440-610-1699

Jack Andersen              216-390-1231

Bill Born                        440-396-0797

Will Schlechter              440-213-7635

Ted Logan                     440-225-9647

Patrick Howells  (Alt)     302-846-6265

Zoning Commission Board

Don Otner Chairman 216-469-9197

Carl Schlechter          440-213-7637

Corey Baumann         440-541-7316

Jim Born                     440-396-0798

Pat Finnegan Jr.         440-653-0662

Tim Buchs  (Alt)         440-213-5337