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New Home  
$250Ponds $50 
Attached Structure$75Pools $50
Out Buildings
$50Fence $50                      
Commercial.20 per footsquare foot min. 400 Sq ft
Industrial.30 per sq ftmin. 400 sq ft
Conditional Use Permits$250 to apply
$100 to renew annually


Henrietta Township Zoning Board

Henrietta Township is a zoned community governed by a Zoning Board appointed by the Township Trustees. The board meets quarterly or as the need arises. There is also a Zoning Board of Appeals also appointed by the Township Trustees which also meet as needed to offer variances to the zoning regulations.

The current zoning fee structure is as follows:

Lorain County, Ohio

All residential buildings with a cost of $30,000 or more will require a $500 security deposit to cover any road damage, drive damage or construction clean up when finished. This amount is refundable following an inspection by the Zoning Inspector when construction is completed. 

If construction is started without a permit issued the fees will be doubled.If an Agricultural Building is started without a Zoning Permit there will be a $50.00 fine assessed. 

Zoning Inspector

Pat Finnegan
51684 SR 113
Amherst, Ohio 44001

Download the Henrietta Township Zoning Book